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Get a Dick Lambert Boca Raton Home Inspection

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        How should you select a Boca Raton Home Inspector. 
        Should you just pick the one with the lowest inspection fee
        because all Boca Raton Home Inspectors:
          1)  can provide you with Insurance Discount Reports...
          2)  belong to Professional Associations...
          3)  inspect, observe and report on the exact same things...  
          4)  use an easy to read standard inspection form...
          5)  are full time professional inspectors (not part-timers)... 

                   Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong!  Wrong! 

   1)  Not all Boca Raton Home Inspectors are Qualified and
        Certified to provide Citizens Insurance Wind Mitigation,
        4 point and Roof Certifications.  
Dick Lambert is Qualified and
        Certified to provide required insurance reports and photos so you
        may obtain insurance/discounts on your home.         

Many Boca Raton Home Inspection companies do not belong 
        to any Professional Organization. 
 There are numerous 
        professional Home Inspector Organizations such as FABI, ASHI,
        NAHI and NACHI, to name a few.  Dick Lambert is a Registered 
        Professional Home Inspector with the Florida Association of Building 
        Inspectors (FABI).  FABI is the largest Home Inspection Organization
        in the State of Florida.  Dick Lambert chose FABI membership
        because it promotes high professional standards and requires 
        continuing education and training.  Dick Lambert also attends many
        of the local ASHI training sessions.
Dick follows the Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics
        established by the the Florida Association of Building 
  Please review the Standards of Practice and Code of
        Ethics Dick Lambert follows by clicking the "Standards/Ethics" tab at
        the top of this page.
   4)  No standard inspection report form is required or used by 
        Boca Raton home inspectors.
It would be extremely 
        frustrating for you to pay hundreds of dollars for a Boca Raton
        home inspection and receive a report that is not legible or is poorly
        written. Dick Lambert will provide you with a detailed easy to read
        and easy to understand comprehensive narrative report.
   5)  Ask all potential Boca Raton Home Inspectors if they are  
        full or part time home inspectors.
You may not wish to hire a
        part time Home Inspector any more than you would hire a part time
        plumber, attorney or doctor.  Dick Lambert has been a dedicated
        full time Professional Home Inspector since 1998.

        The cost for you to invest in a Dick Lambert Boca Raton 
        Home Inspection is based on the age of the home/condo
        and the total under roof square footage of the structure. 
              Call Dick Lambert NOW (24/7) for a price Quote. 

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How should you select a Boca Raton Home Inspector?